Top 10 most popular users

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1. Ariel Martin

Username: @babyariel

Born in Florida
Birthday: 22 November 2000
Ariel Martin aka Baby Ariel. The most famous user worldwide. She has over 12.3 million fans. Ariel is also user of Youtube (1.4 million fans), YouNow and Instagram (3.2 million fans). Together with other social media stars: Loren Beech, Brennen Taylor, Mario Selman, Weston Koury, Zach Clayton and Nick Bean she did some YouTube collaboratives.

2. Jacob Sartorius

Username: @jacobsartorius

Born in Virginia
Birthday: 2 October 2002
Jacob Sartorius is a popular pop singer / social media icon. He reached over 6.2 million fans, 4.5 million Instagram fans, 810k Twitter followers, 1.3 million YouTube subscribers and over 820k Vine fans. Wow! He also released 2 tracks as an artist: Sweatshirt and Hit or Miss. He is famous, because of his lip sync clips.

3. Loren Beech

Username: @lorenbeech

Born in Pennsylvania
Birthday: 19 April 2002
Loren Beech or also known as Loren Gray is a very popular YouTube, YouNow and user. She has over 8.2 million fans. Her favorite clips als quotes of movies.

4. Cameron Dallas

Username: @camerondallas

Born in San Bernardino, CA
Birthday: 8 September 1994
Cameron Dallas is a comedician on Vine, Youtube and He co-starred in a few movies and comedy shows. On Vine he has over 9.3 million followers and on Youtube 5 million! Cameron received the Teen Choice Award for Vine Most Popular User in 2014!

5. Kristen Hancher

Username: @kristenhancher

Born in Canada
Birthday: 17 May 1999
Kristen is one of the most popular users. She has over 7.3 million followers. Besides a social media star, she is also an actress, singer, soccer player and a great dancer. Thereby she is also a famous Instagram user.

6. Ariana Renee

Username: @theylovearii

Born in Miami, FL
Birthday: 23 October 2000
Ariana Renee is a very popular star and has over 153 million hearts and 5.2 million followers. The reason why she became so popular is that she got featured by Ariana is a close friend of Baby Ariel (@babyariel).

7. Annie Grace

Username: @presshandstands7

Born in Georgia
Birthday: 5 December 2004
Annie started as a gymnast, but is now a Youtube and star at the age of 11. She started vlogging about gymnastics tutorials.

8. Mackenzie Ziegler

Username: @mackenzieziegler

Born in Pittsburgh, PA
Birthday: 4 June 2004
Mackenzie is a popular dancer and user. She got famous through Lifetime’s Dance Moms. She was the youngest. She has over 1.5 million fans on

9. Lisa and Lena

Username: @LisaandLena

Born in Germany
Birthday: 17 June 2002
Lisa is a German social media hero and creates content on social media ( and Instagram). On she has over 6.2 million fans and Instagram 3.6 million.

10. Kaylee Halko

Username: @khalko

Born in Ohio
Birthday: 21 July 2003
Kaylee is a popular star and has over 3 million fans on She was born with a very rare condition: progeria. Besides that she is convident enough to be really popular with unique content on social media.

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